SHE – A special dedication

An angel SHE is

Serene & bliss

Owner of the majestic charm

With an array of aura around

Talks so smooth

Pleasure divine

Words like gems

She scribbles

Touching my heart

Rules my mind

Sparks my soul

And lifts me high

Ignites the craze

Making me wild

Guides my passion

In smooth  delight

Haven’t felt heaven

But I’m sure

Won’t be better than

The company, SHE shares.







45 thoughts on “SHE – A special dedication

      1. Hello Ma’am! Thankyou, hehe, but I stopped the encouraging wala task now. How do I encourage people when I ain’t able to write a word by myself? 😂

        Anyways, I’ll definitely go through your blog, once my exams end! Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahaha .. I have read your blogs you write lovely just that from past few days didnt see u any where was just wondering!! Now i know exams .. All the best .. Tc 🙂 and you always best the twilight firefly

        Liked by 2 people

      1. hehehe healthy nahi Failthy(Faila hua Hindi mein)
        Good good, glad to know 🙂
        Dhiraj is extinct from wp now so extinct and 0703 is my birthdate and month.


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