Hearing her is

Appeasement sublime

Sound’s shrilling

Sweet & thrilling

Like a melody

Perfect Euphony

Full of charm

And charisma fervour

Sweet as honey

Smooth as whistle

You’ve got sweeter voice

Then the poems you write

Sweeter even than

The sand paintings you sketch

Like a lullaby

To a kid

Hearing you is a bliss

which I would never want to miss

Treat to ears

Soul personified.










59 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Oh !! So sweet 🙂 lovely , very beautiful.. Is she a bee who eats honey that so much sweetness .. Lol!! Sorry but you have praised her voice so much , couldn’t stop myself saying this. Wish you both my best wishes. :):)

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  2. Beautiful! I imagine that this piece is some kind of a poem, what is the structure of the poem called, or is purely unique. You’re a great writer, I am now following you. Please take the time to come read some of our quirky pieces over at Gastradamus whose sole purpose is to make you smile.

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