Old Blog – Beside

Rumbling waves

Hitting the wet sand on the shore

Touching your toes.

Beside, I sit and stare

Envying the waves.

You blush and act to glare.

Admiring your eyes

I smile, to melt your faking rage.

Throwing head on my chest

You forget the woes and rest.

Caressing head to waist

Making you feel cosy and soft.

Lifting up your chin

Looking deep into your eyes

Trying to find my lost world.

Shimmering moonlight

I don’t care

I have my moon embraced tight.

Tilting my face

To your lips

Feeling the heat

And heart beat

Lowering further

You resist

Longing though From within

Holding tight

Lips quiver

Like petals flicker.

Feeling the heat

And heart beat.

Thee Raj


15 thoughts on “Old Blog – Beside

      1. Morning scene, Girl’s perspective. I work on the plot and prompt given by my tutor and guide, was asked to write as a girl who wakes up and doesn’t find his man.
        Break of the day

        Crack of the dawn

        Yawning I lay

        Eyes half open

        Stretching my arms

        Searching for clasp

        You make with your arms

        Seems away from my grasp

        With first ray of light

        I grow fairer & white

        Lovely breeze toying my hair

        Sunlight making ’em glow golden flare

        Stretching arms to find you gone

        Feeling a shock, having panic attack

        Rise & sit, wonder where you are

        Your smell still surrounds

        Your touch still so fresh

        The way you run fingers in my hair

        Making me shiver

        Tremble & quiver

        Feeling fresh & around

        Looking for you not to be found

        Stepping down I see

        Your handkerchief on the ground

        Holding it I feel your hand

        Looking for you but not to be found

        Turning back to see the crumbled sheet

        & a glittering earring beneath

        Memoirs of the fading night

        Stay reminiscent…

        Here it is Thee raj , kindly post it 🙂

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  1. ACE
    Being Stubborn
    She shows stern face
    Curbing the angst
    With full grace
    Suppressing the pain
    Smile she embrace
    Gullible she appears
    But knows the subterfuge
    Finishes last
    Though being The ACE.
    TheeRaj ,. Kindly post these two ..

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