And one day tide of likes will flow

After posting MAG, I stumbled upon this poem, an exceptional one.


TO ALL THE BLOGS I FOLLOW-You guys are amazing!

Being new to this blogging world….i wait for myself to be recognised…but its hard u know…
Been just a few days and it like hoping for sunshine in the rain.

Here is a poem I have written with all hopes I got.

A new world here I see…
Colorful words…enthralling it is!
Some thoughts so pure, some rustic and raw,
Nowhere such vibrant personalities I saw.
Exploring their thoughts and to see what’s beneath,
With every new post a new story I breathe.
They inspire me to write on the blank space so wide.
Eagerly for likes I wait but flows no tide.
I write because I love, not for the sake of numbers,
And so I will keep writing My heart out, until I fall to slumber.
And one day I know… people will notice,
Tides will flow, my written…

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10 thoughts on “And one day tide of likes will flow

  1. This is Class! You did really good coming to this blogging world, you are blessed in this art of writing and i pray success comes at you in every way possible. After reading this, i am obliged to be a follower of you! – Cezane

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