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Yes MAG, Mutual Appreciation Group, highly active on the site WordPress,  If you follow me, the courtesy response I need to follow you. You liked and appreciated my post so I need to reciprocate in the same fashion. A logic very hard to digest, what’s the use of vague likes when most of the times people don’t even bother to read what you’ve written. Checking blog stats had revealed this earlier but the recent incident left me stunned. I was reblogging old posts as I have deleted the earlier blog, due to some glitch only Title got published and content wasn’t to be seen at all. In five minutes of publishing the blog, so thankful to my loyal loving blogger friends, three people had liked that empty blog.

Friends my sincere request, I will like and appreciate your posts, do not like my posts just for the sake of formality. Please read it and then leave your views in the comments to help improve. This Mutual Appreciation will not help to grow. I am, at least not content with just gathering stats, definitely, they mean to all bloggers but not the vague and formal ones. I’m writing this but not sure how many will like again without reading.




40 thoughts on “MAG on WordPress

      1. Yes -there is a race among us to get more likes and followers. I am no different. I realized that when how much bummed I was when I lost last one years of stats and followers due to some technical issue. I hope I get out of this mode and focus on the very reason for which I started blogging -that is to improve writing. 🙂

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      2. Obviously every one likes to be appreciated, even I like it, only thing I believe I appreciation should be for the work and not for the follow backs and vague likes. You already are such a phenomenal writer, which league you wish to join further?

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      3. Yes – i agree on your point about vague likings. Expecting reciprocation is not bad, but resorting to vague liking for expecting the same is something we need to examine. And thanks for your words, i guess I’m just exploring my writing -phenomenal might be generous of you to mention 😛 🙂

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      4. Hehe.. being straight forward is rare these days, so is the attribute of listening to straightforward comment 😉 🙂 thanks for your words then Dhiraj. I really appreciate you saying that.

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  1. We all feel the same, when people appreciate you one is encouraged, that’s the barter system ,how would we then connect if we don’t follow others, and keep blogging

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    1. Completely agree Dara but appreciating something which needs correction isn’t the right thing to do, when we can help improve why curb the growth by not helping and correcting.


  2. I agree with you. Comments mean so much more than just a click. Feedback is the best but it takes time, energy and generosity to offer that, so when I meet a writer who wishes to share that special bond with me I am always delighted and tend to reciprocate. All the best to you 🙂

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