Everyone has their own ways and means of deriving happiness, Likewise, I too have mine and one of them is wearing anklets, yes you read it right, anklets or whole shoes they call, high heels, tight, covering the ankle and running up. Recent name that I learned of these is Baby Hippo shoes as they have flat pointed toe side.

Being a die hard Big B fan I had seen him wear anklets in a movie and had fallen for them since. I suppose it was the dance number from Yarana. From the time I was allowed to choose and buy my own clothes and accessories I had bought mostly anklets as a formal pair and sports shoes for casual. I remember my first anklets I had got made at the famous shoe maker of Ahmedabad, Uncha Otla wala in Gheekanta, boy I was on cloud nine wearing the 16 inch flap anklets, heels adding to my already tall stature, tak tak tak sound of leather and wood at every step was some music to be proud of, wearing those I was feeling of being in Bachhan Saab’s steps, as if I was a hero myself, walking style, attitude all had changed completely with those.All these years the size had varied from 10 to 6 inches but never had changed the heeled anklets.

Yesterday had to attend a function and exactly after a year I slipped my feet into anklets. The feeling was so awesome, happiness beyond description. Been many days and times I was looking for these and had not found them, the surprise factor of getting them at the right time and then I could wear them at ease, I was so very content, feeling like a king again, walking in the air, the aura of arrogance visible in my walk.

Last year same day, these very anklets were pulled off my feet after I lay unconsious on the hospital bed, having met with an accident and broken knee and arm. Being bedridden for almost six months and then then having difficulty in bending knee, wearing them was out of question and that’s why my wife had hidden them so I do not try even, knowing that once I start walking I would wear the same if I get to see them. She had gifted me a beautiful pair of loafers, which were very helpful, easy to wear and light weight but my heart was always longing for The Baby Hippo shoes of mine. Writing this I am feeling pretty awkward can a guy even fall for shoes and find happiness in them, a complete feminine trait. But hey, that’s me 😉

Bachpan se aadat hai hujoom se alag chalne ki….



57 thoughts on “Happiness

    1. Hehehe thanks bro, aajkal sab apne dukh dard daal rahe hain to maine socha naya trend shuru karte hain, kuch khushiyon ke baarein mein likhte hain, shayad koi ise follow karke khushiyon ke baare mein likhna shuru kare

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      1. Haha sahi hai bro 😀.. waise maine to apke kehne se pehle hi maan kar kal hi friendship ke bare me post kri thi 😉 and actually you are right, after seeing reading some happy notes, mind automatically goes in a joy mode 😀.. btw apke kehne pe ek aur kaam kr dia hai..hope you will notice 🙈


      1. Hahahaha look who’s talking 😝😝😝
        Indeed life is good, heart aches are a part of life, daffa nahi kar sakte magar unpe atak ke mat reh jao, move to the next level

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  1. I like shoes, who doesnt like to have a nice pair of shoes. There is nothing wrong with that. IF you have the time, then please let us know what you think of our latest story, The Bald and the Brestless”.

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  2. Wow ! Wow!! Amazing writeup , i love the way , the way you express ,feeling on the top like Bacchan saab, genuine and well penned .:) 🙂 after a long time a good piece of work. Sad was to know about the accident and proud you are so brave 🙂 . And last but not least “Baby Hippos ” cute and are the best . Well you know Boys who love shoes ,always live a luxurious life and a man with women ‘s heart are the Gentle and best men on Earth .

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  3. I loved the narration Dhiraj. I’m reading your blog after sometime and I found something fresh, different from the past. Whatever it is, it is for good. Loved the story. 🙂

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