Old blog post – Memoirs

Morning scene, Girl’s perspective. I work on the plot and prompt given by my tutor and guide, was asked to write as a girl who wakes up and doesn’t find his man.
Break of the day

Crack of the dawn

Yawning I lay

Eyes half open

Stretching my arms

Searching for clasp

You make with your arms

Seems away from my grasp

With first ray of light

I grow fairer & white

Lovely breeze toying my hair

Sunlight making ’em glow golden flare

Stretching arms to find you gone

Feeling a shock, having panic attack

Rise & sit, wonder where you are

Your smell still surrounds

Your touch still so fresh

The way you run fingers in my hair

Making me shiver

Tremble & quiver

Feeling fresh & around

Looking for you not to be found

Stepping down I see

Your handkerchief on the ground

Holding it I feel your hand

Looking for you but not to be found

Turning back to see the crumbled sheet

& a glittering earring beneath

Memoirs of the fading night

Stay reminiscent…




30 thoughts on “Old blog post – Memoirs

  1. Thee Raj & Dheeraj : same name . Two sides of the same coin . I know only Dheeraj , who reviewed my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . Sir , please put Review of that Book in your new Blog of Thee Raj . Love you , for everything .

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