These days I see a lot of teen-twenties youth carrying long faces, staying in depressed state, acting as sheer Laila – Majnu. Showing complete signs of hopelessness, all the time they just talk about betrayal. How they were targeted and left to sulk.

Few things I would like to check with my young friends, Firstly guys do you really know the difference between love and infatuation? Like one of my very good blogger friend mentions in his blog that most of the youth try and get in to the relationships due to peer pressure or show people around that they are a couple. I believe 80% of the youth fall prey to this notion.

Once they enter a relation they start feeling the pressure. Pressure to adjust with your partner, pressure to do and like what your partner does and likes, pressure to appear some one what you are not. This is surely not easy. When asked to change any habit by parents they feel reckless and do not pay heed to what their parents say but for a partner they do try though do not succeed in most of the cases. At this point the two start drifting apart and break loose, eventually terming it as BETRAYAL.

Wouldn’t it be more mature and sensible to understand first what love is, understand compatibility and then get committed rather than falling in love blindly based on infatuation later breaking up and crying of Betrayal.


PS. This blog is a part of Betrayal series done by @bloggersjunction

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79 thoughts on “BETRAYAL

  1. Very true , you have taken the point we should always remember and know what true love is .. And what is betraying .. Love is giving not necessarily recieving all the time 🙂 .. Loved your post and thanks a tonne for the platform of Bloggers junction:)

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      1. and I wonder how could these guys think about another person in their life leaving their ex..? it means that their first love was not faithful..isn’t it..? why are they failing to understand the very basic point in love..?

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  2. Completely agree with this post. One should try to understand himself first. Love is becoming a show-off nowadays. 😑

    One should think hundred times before committing to anyone, and then take the wise decision.
    Well written. 👍👍

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  3. I agree.. you have made a good point about how incompatibility is termed as betrayal. People should understand love and relationships. That will make real betrayals taken seriously as well.

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  4. Surreal it is, people have cornered the whole world around themselves and the main point is they just don’t THINK nowadays, it’s like sabke pass Koi hai to meko bhi Koi chahiye and trust me that Koi is the compromise, showoff, lust.. What’s say??

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      1. As if they were born for this and have nothing else to do.. On the other hand, I think that I am going to fall short of my life coz I have so many things in my TO-DO List.. phhewwww poor people

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  5. Betrayal and hatred are strong words only if we realize that nothing is permanent in a life that is itself temporary….i don’t get the point in Overthinking every damn situation…its just life…know as many people as you can…touch as many hearts as you can…and no one is tied to you in this life we leave some and some leave us and new ones join…have fun..dont keep your heart on a leash…let it wander..let it fall in love…let it fall out of love…thats how we grow… and do not forget to smile….even if you fall for someone and things dont work out later, its okay, you haven’t commited any sin, you are as good as you were before…gather experiences and move ahead with your journey…faith is too good a word…bury is too short to think oceans and do not even a drop….happiness is what you are meant for, that is what all of us deserve….shoot out complications and smile :))

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      1. Because of the circumstances Dheeraj…there are times when life hits upon us really hard and thats the time when we need a direction….all that I have learnt is that I cant keep things tied to me ever long, so I must have the most of it now…when we learn to live in moments and not memories, this world seems a beautiful place and there lies the beauty of living….the beauty of life :))

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    1. Isn’t betrayal a very big word, may be we become selfish when analysing our love stances, things could be different if we tried their shoes. Just a general thought, may not align with all circumstances.

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      1. Each one wears a different pair of shoes that no other can truly ever fit in . What a word means to someone is solely the meaning they attach to it , shaped from their own unique life experiences . Man is selfish by nature . Survival of the fittest!

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  6. Dhiraj, I really appreciate the courage U hav shown in expressing ur view on teenage love, or the depression state….. Even though I completely agree with this post, But still you cannot regard someone’s feeling as fake and premature just because its his or her first time , or because he/she is too young…. People make mistakes….and even you can’t say that, you hav never made one.
    “Love is nothing but an illusion which brings Pain, Sorrow…..but still we like falling into it……” nways it was a great share….🤘👌👌

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