Very disappointing day it was at WordPress, one I didn’t get much time to read all the posts and few that I preferred to read were very negative. I wonder over kids these days, yes Kids, at 19-20, you’re kids for me same age as of my elder son, what’s so dark, so gruesome, so negative in your lives that all you write about fear tears darkness death and what not negative things. You lot are in the most wonderful phase of life, you all should be full of positive energy. Many a times I feel my lectures over positivity go wasted, yet I won’t leave it. And so should you all too. God bless 🙏😇😊

Keep smiling and stay happy


39 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Hello Sirji, I am sorry for what I did. Really. But there are times in life when we just cannot gather up the courage to be positive again! There are times when we are unable to speak up what’s bothering, and hence everything turns into negativity.
    But yes, I learnt, I won’t do that again. Sorry and thankyou! 😊😊

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  2. Hi sir, I have observed the same. It’s quite suprising to see people going through such negative emotions. But I guess, this is only forum through which they can express their outbreak. most of the times I can’t express in face to face conversations how I / someone would feel. Writing is the only way through which people end up expressing their deep thoughts. 🙂

    Maybe people should change their approach to bring and see positive even in negative. 🙂

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  3. You are right..
    Positivity is the only thing that can make us win even the lost battle…!!
    But it is also the truth that we can’t manage same emotions all the time..
    There should be a balance..
    And our optimistic behaviour can guard us everywhere..

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  4. What a great post 🙂 I’ve just finished a piece about dealing with disappointments and I hope it’s a helpful one. Maybe even to back up your efforts towards positivity! I truly enjoyed reading 🙂

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