Experiment- version 1

An experiment we did, this is a series of three poems done @bloggersjunction, each poem is written by two people. Presenting the first one.

To accompany at dinner she had promised
An evening together never to be missed
Meet you at sharp Six she had exclaimed
At the resort, heaven for lovers, all proclaimed
Eager as hell and were they enthused
To be with each other in body soul and mind
Waiting and waiting
But no sign yet
Heart says she will come
Mind says no I bet
There stops the car
But it wasnt her quite irritating
I was eager and worried
Or may be I hurried
I am waiting and waiting
Suddenly I hear my wife screaming
And scolding why was I babbling
In my dreams I was waiting
I murmerd and regretting
But we shall meet
Because I am waiting….


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