Experiment- Version2

This is the second version of the experiment series, written by myself and Ishika amzingishika.wordpress.com

To accompany at dinner she had promised!
An evening together never to be missed
Meet you at sharp Six she had exclaimed
At the resort, heaven for lovers, all proclaimed
Eager as hell and were they enthused
To be with each other in body soul and mind!
She waited!
He reached
They met!
Excitement in eyes!!
Love in hearts!
Shook hands, held and clasped together
They moved with nervous mind!
Love flowing all around
Their love, unspoken, beyond words,
As they sat in hands in hands!
A feeling so serene they never felt!!
Being in arms of each other was a dream!
Their love so pure!!
Which can not be expressed
Their love sublime, never seen before!!
Speaking through eyes
As they sat for hours!!
Their love so pure not to be missed!!
A music  so melodious… all listening to them!!
They were playing their love notes!!!
A small bye with love and tear in eyes!!
Love was visible in their eyes ..
Being in love they had to part…
Now, Time was to wave a bye!!
But not good-bye!


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