Experiment – Version 4

Written by Arti Poemsbyarti.wordpress.com, her first attempt at writing English.

To accompany at dinner she had promised!

An evening together never to be missed

Meet you at sharp Six she had exclaimed

At the resort, heaven for lovers, all proclaimed

Eager as hell and were they enthused

To be with each other in body soul and mind.

She wore her red gown, Looking like bride.

He was in his black suit, Gentleman of pride.

He gifted her flowers, To make Her smile wide.

He had an another gift, But needed to hide.

In the car, to the resort, She sat by his side.

Romantic Eve, dinner and gifts, Nothing to avoid.

They reached at the resort, It was like heaven.

They entered and Sat on table number seven.

The delicious food was there, As the order was given.

Melodious music was there, And lights were beautiful even.

The happiness of romantic Eve, That no one can define.

This was the beautiful moment, For a man and a woman.

After the dinner, They went out to roam.

He praised her beauty, Compared to the moon.

Now the Time for second gift, The ring he had shown.

She said yes, as he proposed her, On bent knees down.

They will marry, And be each others soon.

It was like a dream too, For them it was a boon.


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