Scribbled Notes

Reigning my cerebration

She wanders all around,

Leaving me pondering

Over her state of mind,

Do I even come in her thoughts?

All I do is think of her,

The thrills and shrills

of her voice, I hear

The innocent look she gives

When seeing through my eyes

Leaving me awestruck

With a broad smile.

How she waves her palm

To bring me back to senses

When I am lost adoring her cuteness.

Her laughs her shrills,

The occasional pinch

Playful pranks

And laughs to lighten

Pulling me up from the blues.

After the mischiefs,

Retiring on my shoulder

Lifting chin and enlightening life

With the most precious smile

Running those slender fingers

In my hair, moving down to head

And touching my cheeks

Is what you aspire

Being in my arms

You feel complete

Safe and sound

From the worldly woes.

With you I attain peace

And feel content.





58 thoughts on “Scribbled Notes

      1. I am married, 42, elder son in second year of college and yet I am in love. I believe it can happen at any age. I had told you earlier in the day about perception, I am clear in my thoughts, maturity or not

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      1. no issues….
        i find it lucky….I don’t believe in things like auspiciousness but yes anything that suits with no. seven 7 , i believe its good….just like 7599 i love 9717 too…..weird but it’s all about what we think and believe……you can laugh….😂😂😂😂
        well that’s what we’re born for Live Love Laugh

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