Why do I need to a fake self while making comments on others blogs here? Why can’t I be myself and answer rather than giving those sugar coated replies to appease the blogger, appreciation is good but is faking too?


Would like to know your thoughts in the comments.


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    1. Hehehe it’s not about me, I’m already illfamed for being rude in the comments, I don’t hold, I say it as I feel, it’s about many people I see, always have sugar coated praises. I wonder how come they understand each and every word in the sense the blogger wants to convey.

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  1. Fake appreciation (flattery) is not appreciable at all. Naa.. Naa.. Naa.. Nahi chalega!

    On a serious note, Thee-Raj, you are not trying to appease the blogger because you are expecting something in return. Online portals have their own protocols of politeness – mainly because typed words do not read out a sense of emotion embedded in them. So, to play it safe, we try to write in a way that would not hurt the one who would be reading it. It is not sugar-coating. It is just a way to ensure your words don’t inflict doubt or, in worst cases, harm.

    It’s like being polite when we meet strangers in the real world (what is reality, after all?) We don’t start with a fist bump and belt out expletives in our conversation. We start with socially acceptable norms and safe phrases, because we have no idea what the stranger is like. When we play it safe, there are better chances that we seem likeable. The way we speak over blog comments is more or less, an emulation of that. Factor in the point that we can express emotions in the way we talk, but not in the way we write, and the whole commenting saga starts to look like mere appeasement and sugar coating like you said. I wouldn’t want to use those terms though, because that is not really our intention.

    That said, there are many zens in the blogging world, who just like to go about with a “Great post. Here’s the link to my blog. Please visit idontgiveafuck.&wrodpress.cmo” I don’t need to clarify if that is a fake compliment or genuine amazement at the post. We know nothing can be done about that – not here on blogs, and not out there in the real world. Such people exist.

    Thee-Raj, tum bas polite ho rahe ho, fake nahi. Chill karo.. It is good thing that you don’t want to make strangers feel bad. So, you go on and feel good about it.

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    1. Geet bhai sabse pahele to note kijiye ke you’re being missed!
      Secondly you know me, at times crude with words, so used the term sugar coating, I take my words back.
      We all understand strangers giving fake remarks for appeasement, my point was bloggers who have known each other for some time(though strangers in real but virtual friends) give such remarks.

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      1. Thanks. It feels good to know one’s absence is felt. I was unwell for some time and the blogging stopped for a while. I’m sorry it took me so long to resuscitate my blogging habits.

        I like it when you’re being blunt and “crude with words”. It shows how frank and honest one can be, like a friend is.

        Maybe given enough time, virtual friends will start becoming much more casual than polite. I haven’t spent a lot of time in the blogosphere, so I’m certainly a nobody to comment on it.

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      2. I’m fine, and I am really sorry I’m being irregular over here. I really want to keep my writing habit efficient and I now plan to write at least one a week, before being too ambitious and saying that I’ll write one everyday.

        How are you, TheeRaj? 🙂

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  2. the ultimate realization.. good..you are not at all late.. so come on, open your mouth..and not with the so called sugary replies…So I expect you wont tell me “excellent/good” reply, in future 😉

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    1. Hahahaha I tell those words when the post deserves it 😛
      I try and give genuine comments only. I have discussed/argued/ pointed out mistakes and liked when I get pointed out.
      My simple point is, what’s the fun of liking or a fake comment when either you have not read at all or haven’t understood it.

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  3. Faking things is by no means good. One should be free to express ones opinion as far as a post on a blog is concerned, but one should be careful with ones words , as I have seen a few people who get really rude with their words and I personally feel that shouldn’t be done, kindness is a good enough approach. So express your opinion without being rude. Peace✌ :))

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  4. Hey,often I will be left clueless of what to be said in their comment section in other social platforms,so I just ignore it..But in a platform like a blog which is meant solely to share ideas & I personally feel CRITICISMS should be welcomed.Criticisms is the only way that will help one to mould themselves..So, Buttering or faking opinions for me is a big NO NO 😊😊

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